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Pioneering Modern Agriculture in Egypt

Egypt’s agricultural roots trace millennia, thriving along the Nile Valley and its Delta. Our vision emerged in response to the evolving landscape of traditional farming and the escalating population—a pioneering initiative developing 5,000 feddans of arid land using cutting-edge irrigation methods. Such an achievement marked the genesis of Egypt’s industrial export-oriented.

Today, Through Hama Agriculture, Hama Food & ElGebaly Fruit, our operations epitomize a seamless integration of farming, packaging, and export management, meticulously orchestrated through a unified food safety and quality management system aligned with stringent global standards.

Our fields, state-of-the-art packhouses, advanced laboratories, and a dedicated transport fleet constitute our year-round operational backbone. Their concerted efforts ensure our produce’s timely and fresh delivery, reinforcing our commitment to consistently meet the demands and expectations of our valued customers worldwide.